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Collective Worship

Collective Worship at Loxley C of E Community Primary School

Whole school acts of collective worship are held daily and are an important time for the whole small school community to come together to share important messages and prayers, to sing hymns, to celebrate our achievements, to allow quiet times for reflection and to discuss any important issues of the day.

Collective Worship Themes

Each half-term, our assemblies focus on one of our core Christian Values For Life: compassion, courage, creativity, forgiveness, friendship, generosity, hope, humility, justice, peace, perseverance, respect, service, thankfulness, trust, truthfulness and wisdom.  The Collective Worship area in the hall and Reflection Areas in all classrooms reflect the current Christian value we are thinking about.


Our focus Christian Value for the 2nd half of the Summer Term 2019 is...


To find out more about the Christian values we promote, follow the link below or read the Home School Value leaflets at the bottom of this page.


Reward Systems

Our children are encouraged to demonstrate and develop all of these important values, all the time, in all they do.  We have a reward system, called 'Catch Me', where we recognise the demonstration or development of any of these values in our children by signing their 'Catch Me' card.  When they receive four signatures on their card, the child receives a small prize, e.g. a wristband displaying one of our Christian values or a bookmark/pencil showing a quote from the Bible.  Lots of children enjoy busily collecting lots of these prizes!


Our Collective Worship Team

In 2019, we established a Collective Worship Team of pupils, led by Mrs Emma Edgar, our RE Coordinator.  The aim of the Collective Worship team is to represent all of our pupils in strengthening the spiritual life of the school. This enthusiastic team currently consists of Lily-Rose and Alfie from Class 1, Tink and Caleb from Class 2, and Seth and Mitzi from Class 3.  Mrs Edgar and the rest of the team now meet regularly to discuss themes and ideas for collective worship.  Mrs Edgar also supports the team in planning to lead our collective worship for the whole school, at least once every half-term. 


Home School Values Leaflets

If parents would like to explore any of our Christian values at home, the leaflets below provide some useful guidance for your discussions.