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Loxley C of E Community Primary School

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Mission, Vision and Values

Loxley C of E Community Primary School

Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission

  • To provide a safe, happy and inclusive learning environment which nurtures and values the preciousness of each child as an individual
  • To empower all children to fulfil their unique potential: emotionally, academically, physically, socially and spiritually
  • To provide memorable experiences that ignite curiosity, inspire ambition and foster a lifelong love of learning


Our Vision

Our children will grow into confident young people equipped with the values, skills, strategies and the mind-set they need in order to lead happy, productive lives and to make a positive impact on the lives of others, their communities and the wider world.


Our Christian Values For Life

Compassion – demonstrating kindness to oneself and empathy towards others, especially in times of great of need or hardship

Courage – being bold in standing up for oneself, for what is right and for those who are unable to stand up for themselves; overcoming personal challenges, no matter how small

Creativity – using our unique abilities, talents and gifts with imagination to add beauty to our world through self-expression and creation in all of forms

Forgiveness – owning our mistakes and using them for self-improvement as well as accepting the mistakes of others and forgiving with an open heart

Friendship – understanding how to be a good friend to others; developing the personal qualities that attract and sustain successful and supportive friendships

Generosity – sharing what we have with others, including our time, special gifts and abilities as well as our possessions

Hope – developing hopes and dreams for the future; believing that things can be different and being prepared to put in some effort to make changes happen

Humility – being able to encourage and praise other people when they have done something really well; listening carefully to others and valuing their opinions as much as our own; knowing when to ask for help rather than always thinking that we can manage everything ourselves

Justice – understanding the rules and laws that everyone must follow; creating a fair and just community through taking responsibility for our choices, both good and bad, and accepting the consequences

Peace – the value of quiet and stillness; having peace of mind and the qualities of a peacemaker

Perseverance – understanding that very little that is worthwhile can be achieved without sustained effort; learning strategies for tackling obstacles and becoming 'unstuck'

Respect – treating all others with courtesy, despite any differences; appreciating and treating belongings and our environment with care

Service – helping others within the community and the wider world

Thankfulness – focusing on what we have rather than what we do not have and being grateful

Trust – the importance of trust in relationships and how to show that we are worthy of the trust of others

Truthfulness – the importance of honesty with oneself and in relationships with others

Wisdom – knowing how to apply knowledge with good judgement