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Comments From Parents, Pupils, Staff and Governors - 2019


"What is particularly noticeable is how well the staff know each child, and the lengths they go to to make sure every individual receives the attention they need and deserve."

(Foundation Governor) 


"I'm so glad I came to Loxley Primary School - I have great friends here and our days are always filled with learning and excitement!"

(Year 2 child)


"Our two boys were struggling with their previous school, a large 450 pupil Primary. They were finding things difficult and the teachers didn't have the time to help them. We chose Loxley, as being a small school, the class sizes are also small. The teachers have more time to spend with individual pupils and make sure that they understand the learning intended. The staff are really friendly and go out of their way to help in any way they can. The parents too are welcoming and always ready to chat to new members of the school community on the playground. Coming to Loxley was the best decision we could have made for our boys."

(Parents of children in Year 3 and Year 5)


"It's really cool how the school is really small because you get to know everyone and everyone is kind.  There is never any bullying and the teachers here really understand children and always listen to us."

(Year 6 child)


"Loxley Primary School is a second family to my children. It is truly unique. We couldn't ask for a more considerate, thoughtful and kind environment for our children to grow up in. Our children have flexi-schooled at Loxley since Reception. The school has a strong tradition of welcoming home educating families as part of their community. It's great to have found a partner that supports our commitment to educate our kids. I can't thank Loxley enough for it's openness to working with the home educating community - it's exactly what our family needed."

(Parent of children in Year 1 and Year 4)


"I really enjoy working at Loxley. I feel the staff, parents and pupils work well together, in a kind, understanding and positive environment. Loxley is a small and happy community school, which I am proud to be part of."

(Teaching Assistant)


"Loxley is a small school, which stops you from being shy and lets you make lots of friends easily.  The teachers always help you and make sure that you understand your learning - the teachers here are the best!"

(Year 4 child)


"As parents, we value the school's uniqueness of being so small and its family feel. 

We also really appreciate how Loxley Primary School is very supportive of individual children's special educational needs."

(Parents of a Year 2 child)


"I am so inspired by the way in which Loxley C of E Primary School caters for mixed year groups and saw first-hand as part of a tour of the school, how collaboratively children work and learn from one another’s strengths.

(Visiting Teacher)


"Loxley Primary School is one big family - we may be small but we still do it all!"

(Year 6 child)


"It's clear to a parent and an outsider that there is a lovely, warm atmosphere of respect and friendship at Loxley.  The pastoral care from all members of staff is incredible and the academics is student -centred. My son joined Loxley in Y3 when he was feeling particularly miserable about school and was refusing to go to his previous school.  It took only one term for him to be demanding to be taken to school early and he has grown to love every minute of his school life.  He's now in Y6 and about to venture out into the big world of secondary education, but he's looking forward with confidence and positive anticipation for the challenges ahead.  It would be nice to take the credit for his development, but he chose Loxley and the school did the rest!"
(Parent of the oldest boy in Loxley)


"We get very well-educated at Loxley because the teachers get to spend lots of time with us.  It is very friendly and you get to know everyone in the school really well."

(Year 4 child)


"Everyone shares so well here.  Maths lessons and Forest School are really fun too!"

(Year 3 child)


"Lessons at Loxley are great because you get to do lots of fun experiments in science."

(Year 2 child)


"I like it here because it's really easy to make friends and there's lots to do at playtime. 

I also love the PE lessons we do on Fridays."

(Year 4 child)


"There are loads of FREE lunchtime and after school clubs, which are really fun!"

(Year 6 child)