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Art Gallery

Welcome to the Loxley Art Gallery


At Loxley Primary, we love being creative!

Here you can view some examples of our finished art work...

Ephemeral Art

Horse Chestnut Class have been studying the work of environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy.  Using his most famous works as inspiration, the children enjoyed designing and making their own ephemeral art works from natural materials found down on the field.

Panda Portraits

These characterful bears were created by Years 2 and 3 in response to our two week, whole school 'All About Bears' project at the start of the autumn term.

Coventry Blitz Multimedia

To showcase their cross-curricular learning from the topic 'Windows Into WWII', Horse Chestnut and Sycamore Classes created these amazing, multi-media Blitz skylines to depict the WWII bombing of the city of Coventry in November, 1940.  Can you spot both the cathedral and some of the many factories amidst the houses in this local, wartime skyline?


Following the study of J M W Turner's famous tempestuous seascapes, Class One created these multimedia seascape pictures using watercolour paints, torn up paper and digital art created using the software 2Create.  What FANTASTIC artists we have in Class One! To see more of their super seascapes, take a look at the display in the corridor outside their classroom.

Giant Seashells

Linked to their study of 'Ocean Meets Sky' by Terry Fan, the children in Class 2 collaborated to make these AMAZING seashell sculptures.  With adult support, they sculpted the form for each of the seashells from wire mesh.  They then worked in small groups to paper mache over the wire, before painting their shells to match the illustrations from the book.  Great teamwork, Class 2!

Harvest Still Life Compositions

Inspired by the still life compositions of Paul Cezanne, the children in Class 3 learned:

  • techniques for measuring their drawing to create good proportions;
  • how to layer objects in their drawing;
  • how to add tone and texture to their work using oil pastels.

Their finished pictures were used as part of the Harvest decorations in St Nicholas Church. Well done, Class 3 - they look great!