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Our Curriculum Intent

The curriculum of any school is central to providing a meaningful and effective education. It is concerned not only with the knowledge and skills be learned, but also with how these are to be delivered. 


At Loxley C of E Community Primary School, we believe learning should be fun to make it memorable! We aim to provide a broad and rich curriculum, filled with opportunities to learn first hand that will ignite curiosity, inspire ambition and foster a lifelong love of learning.

How We Learn

The human brain is the most incredibly complex organ ever studied. Join us as we take a look inside the brain to see how is creating brain-compatible learning experiences for our children

Primary National Curriculum 2014

In 2014 a new Primary National Curriculum was introduced.  This new curriculum has increased the level of challenge for children across all age groups to give them the very best chance of achieving their full potential.  At Loxley C of E Community Primary School, we use this new curriculum as the basis of all our planning.  For more information about subject content and expectations for each year group, please click the link below.

If you want to view our long term curriculum planning then please visit our individual Class Pages...