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Please note that due to staffing capacity in our very small school, we are unable to provide advice to other schools or the media around flexi-schooling beyond the public information made available below.  Thank you.

What is flexi-schooling?

Flexi-schooling is the practice of combining a part-time education in school with a programme of home education.


We have a long-established practice of supporting flexi-schooling within our federation and we work closely with our flexi-school families to ensure happiness and optimum success for our flexi-school pupils.

"Our children have flexi-schooled at Loxley since reception. The school has a strong tradition of welcoming home educating families as part of their community. It's great to have found a partner that supports our commitment to educate our kids.


Despite only attending for part of the week, both of my children have had roles in school plays and have been offered all the same trips and residential opportunities as their classmates. The teachers work hard to fit complete units of work within the time the children are at school so they have never complained of missing chunks of project work. We are kept up-to-date with the termly planning and topics so that we are aware what the children are missing on the days they are educated at home.


During our days of home education we are free to follow the educational interests of our children, allowing us to tailor their time in a very personalised way, helping them catch up on things they may struggle with alongside developing their wider skills and learning.
On occasion, my children have been keen to share work or knowledge they have been particularly proud of with school. It has been great see how the school values the contributions the home educated pupils make on subjects which may not have been planned for in the curriculum. Our children are encouraged to view their knowledge and time educated at home as an asset to themselves and the school rather than a hindrance.
I can't thank Loxley enough for it's openness to working with the home educating community. It's exactly what our family needed."

(Parent of flexi-school pupils in Year 1 and Year 4)

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