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The History Of Our School

There has been a school in Loxley since the 1840 and it has been on the present site since 1874.  There is an extensive archive of daily record books that have been studiously kept by a succession of headteachers at Loxley Primary School over the past 100 years. These reveal fascinating insights into the running of the school as well as into significant world and local events in history. Current pupils have used these historical accounts to learn about both the First and Second World Wars. The children were fascinated when hearing accounts of the bell, currently hanging in the school hall, being used to welcome evacuees to school each morning during World War 2.


Up until 1988, the children at the school had responsibility for taking coal from the coal scuttle and placing it on to an open fire in the hall. There are also frequent mentions of the number of children on roll being reduced significantly during the harvest months when children stopped attending school to help gather the harvest on the local farms. In the past the majority of children attending the school have come from the village, whereas at the moment only a few pupils come from within the Parish boundary with many children travelling from neighbouring villages and towns. Loxley Primary School has undergone several building extensions over the last 100 years, not least in 2017 when the frontage was updated and more internal space created.  We look forward to celebrating the school's 150 year anniversary in 2024 and we look forward to what the next 100 will bring our unique village school community.