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Mission, Vision and Values

Loxley C of E Community Primary School

Our Christian Mission, Vision and Values


"I have set you an example

that you should do as I have done."

John 13:15


Our Mission

  • To provide a safe, happy, inclusive, deeply Christian learning environment that nurtures the preciousness of each individual child
  • To empower all children to fulfil the unique potential of their creation: emotionally, academically, physically, socially and spiritually
  • To provide our pupils with memorable experiences that ignite curiosity about our wondrous world, inspire ambition to protect its beauty, and foster within them a lifelong love of learning


Our Vision

Our Vision at Loxley C of E Community Primary School is rooted in

Jesus' teachings from 'The Parable of Christ the Sower':


We will provide the good ground for our children to flourish into confident young learners who embody Christian values and possess all the knowledge, skills and growth mindset they need, in order to lead happy, fruitful lives and to have a positive impact on their communities and the wider world.


                               Our Christian Values: Providing Roots and Bearing Fruit

In line with the Church of England's new vision for education, 'Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good', Loxley C of E Community Primary School underpins all learning with six core Christian values: COMMUNITY, DIGNITY, HOPE, JOY, PEACE and WISDOM.  These values are carefully interwoven throughout our curriculum and through our programme of daily Collective Worship.   We also regularly reward and celebrate the embodiment of these deeply Christian values through our 'Catch Me' card system of positive behaviour reinforcement.


"Live in harmony with one another."

(Romans 12:16)

Jesus viewed his followers as one big family - all were welcome who would come and learn from him with none to be excluded.  When Jesus told his story of 'the Good Samaritan', he challenged the prejudices of his hearers, making them think again about what kind of people are commendable and what kind of actions create shared life and strong relationships.  As a Church of England (C of E) school, we serve our local community and all children are welcome to learn in our caring Christian family, regardless of their beliefs, race, gender, age or ability.  We pride ourselves on the strength and quality of our relationships at all levels in our small unique and loving school community.



"Love your neighbour as yourself."

(Matthew 22:37-39)

Jesus recognised and affirmed the God-given dignity of others, irrespective of race, belief, gender, age, ability or social status. His purpose for dying on the cross lay in the worth he gave to every human being.  Such is the dignity and esteem in which every person is held by God.  At Loxley C of E Community Primary School, we model and encourage in others: a kind and respectful treatment of all others, at all times, as exemplified by Jesus. Intolerance, unkind words or actions and prejudice of any kind is always challenged so that valuable life lessons may be learned. 



"May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace."

(Romans 15:13)

Christians believe that Jesus' death was not the end but the gateway to new life.  The gospels tell of Jesus conquering death and offering the hope of eternal life to all who put their trust in him.  They record eye witness accounts of the risen Jesus ascending from earth and returning to heaven.  This is a message of hope beyond the limits of this life, which the Bible describes as 'eternal hope'.  At Loxley C of E Community Primary School, we passionately encourage our children to find the hope and confidence within themselves to adopt a growth mind-set approach to all they do in school and in their wider lives, enabling their continued success and positive contribution to the wider world.



"Rejoice with those who rejoice."

(Romans 12:15)

Joy is an awareness of God's goodness and love, often linked with gratitude and thankfulness.  Jesus' birth was accompanied by the joyful praise of angels and the worship of shepherds and wise men, all recognising the goodness of God in this His greatest gift - the giving of His own son, Jesus Christ.  Joy is infectious and is multiplied when shared.  At Loxley C of E Community Primary School, we encourage the children to practise gratitude in their everyday lives, to find and spread joy in the smallest of things, and to celebrate the joys and achievements of others.  We discourage comparison between individuals and treat each child and adult in our community as a precious gift, blessed with unique talents and qualities.



"My peace I give you."

(John 14:27)

Jesus told all that people can sometimes become so busy and distracted by their everyday lives, that they can lose sight of what is really important.  We all know that this is especially true in modern times. Jesus also understood that peace can only prevail when justice is established.  At Loxley C of E Community Primary School, we involve our children in creating a fair and just environment in which they can learn and grow in security and happiness.  We encourage them to: look for peace within themselves through prayer, periods of quiet reflection and daily mindfulness activities and to see the beauty of God's creation all around them.  We also encourage the practise of forgiveness, as Jesus forgave our sins.



"Blessed are those who find wisdom."

(Proverbs 3:13)

Jesus' wisdom is seen in the stories he told in his parables, not least in our own 'Parable of the Sower'.  Jesus' parables made use of the themes and situations familiar to his hearers but invited them to see things in new ways.  The wisdom gained from these stories, from the person that is Jesus, his words and actions, is woven through our curriculum to take root in the hearts of our children so that they may go on to lead fruitful lives.  At Loxley C of E Community Primary School, we provide the good ground to allow Jesus' wisdom to flourish in and through the lives of all our Loxley children.

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