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Ancient Egyptian Workshop

On Tuesday 12th October, the children and staff in Horse Chestnut and Sycamore Classes arrived at school dressed as explorers to take part in an Ancient Egyptian Workshop through Warwickshire Heritage and Culture.  


What a fun-packed day of first-hand learning experiences everyone had, including the following activities:

  • Exploring the geography of Ancient Egypt on a map;
  • Using drama to make human hieroglyphs, row the Nile and trudge through the desert to make an exciting archaeological discovery;
  • Bartering for goods in the busy market place;
  • Mummifying Mrs Ballantine in preparation for the afterlife, including removing her vital organs;
  • Handling original artefacts from an Egyptian tomb;
  • Making a shabti (mummification figurine) out of dough;
  • Writing their names in hieroglyphs on a cartouche made of real papyrus;
  • Asking and answering LOTS of interesting questions!


The day provided great enrichment for our history learning this term which will now continue back in class.