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Hotel For Bugs - A Community Project

Earlier this term, school was contacted by the Friends of Loxley Park (FOLP) - a community group of volunteers who are working hard to develop the recreation area in the village for the benefit of all in our community.  FOLP invited our pupils to become involved in two exciting tasks...


The children's first task was to take part in a consultation on the types of new equipment they would like to see in the Loxley play area.  You can read about the children's ideas for this on our dedicated School Council pages.


More recently, our pupils have been tasked with designing and building a semi-permanent 'Bug Hotel' as a winter retreat for our local creepy crawlies.  With the support of Forest School Leader - Mr Stopps - the children in Horse Chestnut and Sycamore Classes collaborated to construct an impressive mutli-storey structure.  Some minibeast residents were already happily moving in as the children built - spiders, ladybirds and woodlice to name but a few! The children's final job will now be to add a plaque to name their shared construction.  


Thank you to the local community for involving our school children in these fun and exciting projects.