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My Online Safety - Tips for Children

What is Online Safety?

Online Safety - sometimes called e-safety or internet safety - is all about knowing how to keep youself and others safe online.  The internet can help you to keep in touch with your friends and help your education, but it also poses dangers if not used wisely. Remember help is always available at school if you are having any problems online - don’t hesitate to talk to your teacher or another trusted adult at school if you see anything online that worries you.

Top Ten Tips for Online Safety

  1. LiMIT the amount of time you spend online so that you have plenty of time for other things that help keep you healthy, like getting some fresh air and exercise,  pursuing your hobbies, spending time with your family and friends in real life, and getting enough sleep! 
  2. NEVER share personal information online - this includes your real name and age, where you live and go to school, and your phone number and email address.
  3. NEVER send images or videos of yourself to someone you have met online. In fact, think carefully before posting any pictures or videos of yourself online - once you do, these images or videos are no longer just yours and others may be able to view or download them.
  4. CHECK your privacy settings to make sure all accounts are set to 'Private' and only accept follow/friend requests from people you know in person.
  5. ONLY post images or information about others if you are sure you have their permission.
  6. NEVER agree to meet up with anyone you have only met online! If someone you have met online is asking to meet up with you, tell a trustee adult, straight away!
  7. ONLY share your login details - usernames, passwords etc. - with your parents, no-one else.
  8. NEVER download or install anything without permission from an adult. It could cost money and may also download a virus, which could harm your device.
  9. ALWAYS be kind to, and about, others online. This applies to texting too! Remember, mean messages sent over the internet can usually be traced by the police, even after you've deleted them on your device - they could even get you into trouble for cyberbullying.
  10. MAKE SURE you TELL a trusted adult and that you BLOCK and REPORT any online behaviour or content that bothers you, makes you feel unsafe or frightens you.  You can report concerning internet behaviour or content using the CEOP Button by following the link below.   
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