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Special Visitors

Visit From Severn Trent Water

Maxine, from Severn Trent Water, presented an assembly to the whole school, on Wednesday 29th January. Maxine was joined by her colleague Shannon, who was observing the assembly and supported with the workshops.


Some pupils were asked to read out 'Water Saver' or 'Water Waster' statements, during the assembly. Children also looked at fatbergs, as well as bottles of cleaned water and sewage water.


In the classroom, the Horse Chestnut and Sycamore children played a Water Saver versus Water Waster game. The pupils worked in small groups, as 'families', reading statements about how much water they used, and measuring out the correct amount of water. At the end of the activity, the five groups came back together to decide the family who had saved the most water, as well as the family who had wasted the most water. To keep it as realistic as possible, each litre of water was measured as 1ml.


Great water-saving tips were given out during the afternoon, such as:


  • *Fill your water bottle up the night before and put it in the fridge overnight. Lots of water is wasted down the drain, in the summer, trying to cool down fresh tap water!
  • *If you have a four minute shower, you use approximately 36 litres of water, which is less than half a bath of water. Four minute timers are available for free, from the Severn Trent Water website.


We also watched  a Water and Sewage Treatment video, explaining the process of treating water, which takes just under 24 hours.  It was an interesting afternoon, which made us all reconsider our use of water.

Community Visitors...

In November 2019, Stratford Fire Service visited Loxley Primary School to deliver their annual Year 1 and Year 5 Fire Safety Education Programmes to both Acorn and Sycamore Classes.  The children listened attentively and participated with enthusiasm in both age-appropriate sessions, exploring important safety messages about how fires can start and what to do in the event of a fire.  The Fire Service have urged children to talk to their families at home to agree an Emergency Evacuation Plan. They have also been asked to remind all grown-ups to check that their home smoke alarms are in good working order, at least once a week!

Our Community Superstars...

On Friday 22nd November, Loxley Primary hosted a special whole school assembly and collective worship celebration, to thank all those members of our local community who once again freely dedicated their time to organising and running this year's Loxley Bonfire and Fireworks community event.  It was a very well-attended occasion and the children enjoyed having the opportunity to show their gratitude to our very special community visitors.